Local Church Missions Mobilizer

What does a Missions Mobilizer do?

Each church is encouraged to have a Missions Mobilizer to build a growing understanding of Alliance global missions in the local congregation. The District Missions Mobilizer (Kris Gerow) works together with the local church Missions Mobilizers to provide resources for the church.

Kris coordinates a monthly video meeting to keep Missions Mobilizers abreast of global efforts and the local connection to the churches of the Alliance South. 

How does the Missions Mobilizer help?

The missions mobilizer is a catalyst for the full mobilization of the local church so that it is globally engaged in world missions through The Christian and Missionary Alliance.

  • Build the local church mission mobilization team
  • Plan and coordinate year-round global mission emphases and events.
  • Explore and implement plans for cross-cultural service experiences and overseas short-term trips.
  • Provide mission resources (books, DVDs, etc.) for all ages in the congregation.
  • Work closely with the District Mission Mobilizer as a key resource to the development of our global mission engagement

Have you identified a missions mobilizer?

Have you identified a mission mobilizer for your church? If you have any questions about what is involved, please contact Kris Gerow.

You can also see a sample job description here.

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