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Alliance Youth

It’s all in the name- “All”iance Youth. AY SAD believes in ALL youth in ALL nations. While we are many communities, we are a part of something much bigger, an eternal family advancing the Kingdom of Heaven. This year is to be a year of unity and one that reminds our students that they are not an isolated pocket of teens who meet each week, but a vibrant and rapidly increasing network of students partnering and joining for the common cause of bringing back our soon coming King!

From The Point Person

I love the hilarious moments of student ministry, and believe me, there are plenty. Even more, I love teaching our teens the authority that they have in God’s Word. We teach the Word, pray the Word and live the Word. There is nothing greater than when the light goes on for a student and they discover their authority in Jesus and their unique voice in prayer. It translates to confidence in the classroom, leadership among peers, and boldness to share their faith. 

In Alliance Youth, every student has a role, even if they don’t know what it is yet. No one is meant for the sidelines when it comes to advancing the kingdom. It’s my goal to coach them, to pull them off the bench and get them in the game!

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